Organic abstract artworks go on show at theatre

Robin Gray's paintings have been described by the art world as organic abstract in style.
Gray is mounting an exhibition at Strode Theatre, in Street, from this Tuesday to Saturday, April 2.
The artist prefers to think of the work and an instinctive response to his interests in natural history, geology, and the worlds he has explored as a cave explorer and walker in the high mountains.
This work has developed over a long and successful career as a painter and teacher.
The first organic abstract appeared in his first one-man show at Fairfield Halls, in Croydon in 1965 when the art critic, Martin Thurston described the work as "dynamic doodles and dotty drawings".
Since then the work has developed into an easily recognisable style which is quite different to other abstract paintings.
The work usually starts with a background colour perhaps with an area of colour change somewhere in the middle or to one side.
The colour may suggest a basic shape from which to start, and from here the painting develops in an instinctive manner where the next shape or colour is suggested by that preceding it.
The actual picture is produced completely without a plan but his great knowledge of colour and composition must also play an important role.
Duration: Tuesday 16 Feb. 10:00am - Saturday 2 April 5:00pm
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