Artist Statement

Romilio’s sparse, elegant abstract paintings express a kinetic energy where everything is in flux. Functioning like automatic writing, they are built up from individual shapes and marks set amid large expanses of raw, untreated canvas. Referencing both the language of Surrealism, his pictures contain both the building blocks for a pictorial narrative but also the methods of its deconstruction.

In his work, new modes of communication arise between the isolated, singular elements on the canvas surface, which suggest the preformed beginnings of something: where lines, squares and childlike squiggles act like mnemonic symbols of a larger conversation.
The artist investigates the problem of ungovernablilty of color, and establishes a deep involvement with the viewers, both on an emotional aspect and on an intellectual one. 
According to him “painting is a vehicle to express my inner feelings and thoughts.”
The artist primarily uses acrylics while his paintings are characterized by vibrant colours with a blend between abstract expressionism and pop art.