Yoko Ono talks about her new interactive installation and the power of social media

For years, Yoko Ono’s celebrity status obscured her role as a Conceptual art pioneer. But in the last 25 years or so, she’s reinvigorated her artistic career with exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of Art and, most recently, at the Museum of Modern Art. Since then, the 82-year-old has been busy with her latest project, a double exhibition of three interactive installations at Galerie Lelong and Andrea Rosen Gallery in Chelsea. Recently, Ono discussed the motivation behind the works with Time Out New York, while also relaying her newfound passion for social media.
You’ve titled your two-space show, “The Riverbed.” Why?
This particular riverbed is the one between life and death. We’re standing on this side and are thinking about what happens on the other. You can’t ignore it because we’re all going to be dead one day.
Viewers are asked to participate in different ways, including one instance when they’re instructed to pick up a stone from a pile and put it in their laps. What’s the point there?
They’re stones from a riverbed, which is where the show’s title comes from. Each is inscribed with a word that came to me: DREAM, LOVE, GIVE, IMAGINE, HUG, WISH. They all require action, which in this case means giving all of your emotion to the stone. So you pick one up and meditate for as long as you want according to what’s written on it.