Big Eyes Film

"Big Eyes" is a movie full of interesting questions about the true meaning of art, the concept of popularity, and what it means to develop a huge audience. Tim Burton's movie emphasizes on real-life story of how Walter Keane took credit for wife Margaret's iconic art, and how she fought back.
Burton is using his own extraordinary craftsmanship and artistry to tell a story of characters whose work others dismiss as trash.
The outside world believed that Keane’s work was done by Walter Keane (Christoph Waltz) when, in fact, his wife Margaret (Amy Adams) was responsible for everything.
Big Eyes is gorgeously shot in widescreen colour. Margaret as portrayed by Amy Adams is pert, demure, and with blonde hair.
Christoph Waltz is both funny and creepy as Walter, the real estate salesman trying to convince the world - and himself - that he is an artist.
In Burton’s fantasy films, the visual style can sometimes seem overwhelming.  Burton satirises his characters but does so with affection.
Big Eyes pays attention to the role of the media in boosting the reputations of artists like Keane. One of the reasons the work sells is that the seedy local journalist (the film’s less than reliable narrator) Dick Nolan (Danny Huston) sees an angle in writing about it.
The film shares the characteristics of swirling 1950s melodramas in which long suffering female protagonists played by the likes of Lana Turner or Joan Crawford overcome heartbreak and domestic upheaval to build themselves brave new lives.

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