Romilios is a Greek - Australian artist, filmmaker and screenwriter. He was born in 1983 in Greece. He studied Communication and PR in Greece and completed his Master in Marketing, in Portsmouth University (2011) and continued his studies in Digital Cinematography in the University of Brighton.
He has participated in several solo and group exhibitions in New York, Shanghai and Rome. 
As a painter, he is working in a wide-ranging practice that incorporates a variety of different media and techniques. He is noted for his use of dripping, automatic writing and multiple layers on canvas.
In 2020, wrote and directed his first short films “Goodnight my love” and "Above the borders".

Artist Statement

I started painting at a very young age since my mother taught me to paint.

For me, painting is my oxygen and my refuge in difficult times.

When I paint I feel that I am creating my own world without limits. I use abstract shapes and automatic writing which result from improvisation. Abstract art encompasses all aspects of life.

Abstract art, it is like life, since it is more important to live than to understand.

I use abstract shapes and automatic writing to express the constant flow of life, emotions and thoughts. Through painting I give myself time to observe them and reconcile with them.

2015, Digital Cinematography - Brighton, UK 
2011, Marketing MA, University of Portsmouth
2007, Communication & Digital Media, University of Macedonia, Greece
2003, Black and White Photography - Leica Academy, Athens, Greece

Solo Exhibitions
2014/ "Abstract Times", Moca Shanghai
2013 / “Waste Land”, Texnopolis Athens, Greece
2011 / “Breathe, Keep Breathing”, Unlimited, Athens Greece
2009 / “Nevermore”, Bond Street Gallery, 297 Bond St, Brooklyn, NY
2008, Fingerhut Gallery, / 1205 Prospect St, La Jolla, New York
2008 / “Recall Athens”, Artio Gallery, Athens Greece

Selected Group Exhibitions
2015 / Ultra-Colour Collection Louvre Museum Paris
2014 / Zonta-Makati’s Filipina Art and Fashion fair
2011/ Drawing Connections, Siena Art Institute
2011/ “Philosophical Art”, Greece/ Word Philosophical Forum
2011/ “Drawing Connections”, Siena Art Institute,  / Siena, Italy
2011/ "Where Art Philosophy", Philosophical Forum World, Athens, Greece
2009/ “Dreams and Nightmares”, Texnopolis, Athens, Greece
2008 / “Default Lanscapes” Daniel Reich Gallery, 23rd Street in Chelsea
2007 / “The Diaries”, “Sentimental Sequence”, Astra Gallery Caryatidon 8, Akropolis, Athens


Above the borders, 2020 | Florence Film Festival (Finalist), Swedish Film Awards (Semi-finalist), Venice Film Awards 2020 (Official Selection), Cyprus International Film Festival 2020, Bridges Internation Film Festival 2020, Lisbon Film Awards 2020 (Semi-Finalist)

Goodnight my love, 2020 (Screenings: Film Market of Drama Film Festival | Cinergo International Film Festival 2021)

Performance Art:
2011 Beton 7, "The Christmas Island" Nikos Charalambides
2011 Athens Biennale, «I have to say Fantasiometriki ecstasy," Nadia Argyropoulou

"Heavy papers" - Photography book cover, Publisher: Ocelotos / ISBN: 9789605647735 / 2019
ArtStrada, Vol2, page 25-26, 2014
Artistio, page 23 - 27, 2014
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