Banksy Homeowners Claim They're 'Worse Off' Despite £5 Million Valuation

The owner of the house that was subject to Banksy's latest artwork says they are 'worse off' as a result despite the property being valued at £5 million.

Aileen Makin was set to sign off on the sale of her semi-detached property in Bristol when she was informed that the figure of an old woman sneezing had been painted across the side of it.

With it appearing to be the work of the infamous artist, she delayed the sale and was told that it could be worth between £3m and £5m - much higher than the £300k average for the area.

However, Ms Makin's son has now revealed that she has decided to sell up anyway just to escape the stress of the media attention, which has left her forking out for new security and a screen to protect the artwork.

In an interview with the BBC, Ms Makin's son Nicholas said: "Not only has it not earned us £5mm as the papers said, it's actually cost us money to protect it.

"We've had a security firm put protection over it and my step-brother on the day that it happened just happened to have a piece of perspex which he has screwed in over the wall, which was a convenient fit."