Robin Rhode & Nari Wardn at Chelsea gallery Lehmann Maupin

Chelseagallery Lehmann Maupin thematizes the absence of walls with a show dedicated to Nari Ward and Robin Rhodes, two artists known for their textural and metaphorical investigations of concrete surfaces. After the gallery unveiled Power Wall at its Hong Kong space on April 3, it inaugurated its online viewing room with the digital adaptation, exhibiting the artists’ approaches to walls as “contentious spaces and sites of control division, and support,” according to gallery cofounder David Maupin. Harlem-based Ward is known for his grasping installations, for which he directly applies numerous shoelaces onto walls to orchestrate impactful texts or images on perseverance; for Berlin-based South African artist Rhodes, walls resonate with opposing aspects of urbanism and provide canvases for his abstract drawings and performative photo series.

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