Jackie Saccoccio, “Femme Brut” at Chart , Tribeca

Jackie Saccoccio has the power to transmit emotions and energy through her paintings.
Her canvases are bold, vibrant and imposing, and are made by repeatedly turning or rotating the canvas while the colors are still wet. Layers of paint drip down and crisscross, as if applied by Jackson Pollock in slow motion. This two-venue exhibition is titled “Femme Brut,” an allusion to “Art Brut,” a termed coined by the postwar French painter Jean Dubuffet to describe outsider art, whose practitioners are driven by unbridled energy. The said could be said of Saccoccio, who calls her work “abstraction at full throttle.”

Until Saturday March 21 2020
Venue name: Chart
Venue website: www.chart-gallery.com
Venue phone: 646-799-9319 Address: 74 Franklin St, New York 10013

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