Touch of Blue and beyond at CAG

Before becoming a resident of Canmore last August, artist Nadine Shenher would travel into the Bow Valley on weekends to paint live at Silver Tree Studios on Main Street.
The professional artist, who paints in bold vibrant acrylics as her signature style, pursued a career in interior design before settling down to devote herself entirely to her passion of painting her unique style of abstract art, which she calls beyond contemporary.
Now a full-time resident, Shenher is able to focus her energy toward consignments, her own work and exhibits such as Canmore Art Guild’s (CAG) upcoming exhibit, Touch of Blue, running May 13-30.
You can also find her work in Banff Springs Hotel’s Gallery of the Springs. This will be the second CAG exhibit for the visual abstract artist. Along with galleries in the valley, Shenher still has a working relationship with Calgary’s Gerry Thomas Gallery.
“I love the mountains, absolutely love Canmore and the mountains, love Banff. I had lived up in the territories, in Norman Wells, which is also in the mountains, and spent quite a bit of time in Yellow Knife, so I’m used to being in nature and that’s where I get my inspiration. So the Rocky Mountains is perfect,” Shenher said.
With a background in massage therapy and hypnotherapy, her acrylic on canvas abstract art has an emphasis on healing. With work experience in real estate and interior design, she has taken her combined skills to new heights by working one-on-one with commercial businesses and homeowners to make personal art that not only represents her client’s needs, but also offers a therapeutic quality.
The Touch of Blue exhibit focuses on all pieces having a representation of blue in them, and focusing on the colour itself from all genres and mediums. For Shenher’s piece Waterfall, the inspiration came from hiking in and around Three Sisters.
“There’s a waterfall in there, and the sound of the water just inspired me. I have painted outside (plein air) and I plan to do more of that this summer and get to the surrounding lakes and Lake Louise, Canmore and Banff,” Shenher said.
“The magnitude of the mountains and the power you feel is a high inspiration and being amongst beauty and in the presence of nature brings me into the moment and as I’m in the moment I can draw, with inspiration and paint.”
With clients presently in Los Angeles as well, Shenher is finding commissioned pieces are taking up over half of her artwork.
“I get to know the person. I go to their home and get to know them as a person and what colour inspires them – blues, reds, energetic colours or common colours. I love to customize a piece for a person and their home and bring that inspiration to interior design,” Shenher said.
“I have two furnishings in Calgary in Bondars (Furniture). To me it’s important that a patron can have a piece that they love and it’s specifically for them – I’m confident when it comes to that.”
When the Banff Springs gallery exhibited her work, it showed Shenher she made the right choice in coming to the valley.
“I can just focus on painting; it’s a great place to be with the community - you come for the mountains, but the community is all one beautiful experience for body, mind and soul and that’s the whole thing I’ve done with my healing arts,” Shenher said.

“I took Reiki to give energy to people, I took massage to get to know their body, and hypnosis for the mind. I take body, mind and soul and take that passion as a wholeness and put it into something I love.”